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Ask Congress to revisit the tax-exempt status of large, billion dollar credit unions, as the effects of it are completely out of control.  

Encourage Congress to require credit unions to file 990 disclosures with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) like every other nonprofit to increase transparency within the industry.

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Explore Credit Unions is a campaign created by voters, taxpayers, and good government organizations who are committed to shedding light on how large credit unions have exploited a tax loophole that gives them an unfair competitive advantage. It’s time for policymakers to take notice and fix these outdated policies. We cannot and will not continue to tolerate the mission creep of these large credit unions while small credit unions, community banks, and American taxpayers bear the burden.

We aren’t asking Congress to get rid of credit unions. We don’t think all credit unions are bad. We believe that large credit unions with billions in assets should pay taxes and actually fulfill their original mission of helping those of modest means, not high-income individuals and massive corporations.

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Credit unions were granted federal income tax exemption for a reason, but they abuse the system with no oversight.

American taxpayers will have to pick up the credit unions’ tab to the tune of more than $20 billion over the next 10 years.

Congress never intended for tax savings to be squandered on marketing, executive pay, and sponsorships.