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Tax Analysts: Battle Lines Drawn Over Credit Union Tax Break in Reform Fight

Tax reformers have declared that they are combing through the tax code for “special interest tax breaks” to repeal as offsets for deep tax rate cuts. Yet each tax break they seek to eliminat...

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Ex-CEO – Who Was Paid More Than $2 Million in 2016 and Ousted After Affair, Lies – is Suing his Former Credit Union for Lifetime Health Insurance Benefits

Former president and CEO of Service Credit Union Gordon Sim is suing the credit union claiming it has failed to provide him with a promised lifetime of health insurance coverage. In response, Service ...

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Newsmax: Credit Unions Set Poor Example Avoiding Taxes

When you think of credit unions, you probably think of a community-oriented financial institution with a handful of branches dotting your town. You may think of them as a place where folks who work at...

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National Taxpayer Union Urges Congress to Address Issues With Credit Union Tax-Exemption

On behalf of National Taxpayers Union (NTU), I thank the Senate Committee on Finance for the opportunity to submit comments regarding the most critical economic issue facing our nation: reforming Amer...

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NCUA Is A “Kid Glove” Regulator

  Banks and credit unions are subject to many of the same laws and regulations. But the difference is in how the bank and credit union regulators implement these laws and regulations. The lates...

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