New Research Shows Credit Unions are Failing – CU Leadership Continues to Point the Finger Elsewhere

Federal Financial Analytics and acclaimed researcher Karen Shaw Petrou earlier this month released a new report titled “The Credit-Union Equality Commitment: An Analytical Assessment.” This report ana...

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NCUA’s Reckless Cybersecurity Standards Put Members at Risk

And the hits keep coming for the credit union industry regulator. Turns out the NCUA Inspector General has had a very busy couple of years. Shortly after the release of its 2018 Material Loss Review, ...

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NCUA Inspector General: NCUA failed to regulate credit unions

NCUA has had a bad few weeks, to put it nicely. Right after it was revealed that the agency failed to catch a 20-year $40 million embezzlement scheme at CBS Employees Federal Credit Union, a new repor...

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10 Questions We Would Ask NCUA Leadership at the Congressional Committee Hearings

This week, National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Chairman Rodney E. Hood faces questioning from the Senate Banking Committee. Here’s what we would ask Chairman Hood at the hearing: Earlier t...

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Here’s What You Missed at the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference

On March 10-14, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) hosted its annual Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington, DC. Sorry you missed it? We’re happy to provide a review of the highlights...

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By growing at “no speed limits,” large credit unions have injured countless numbers of consumers on the road. The industry continuously ignores rules established by the Consumer Financial Protection B...

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Empty vintage congress hall with seats and microphones.

10 Questions We Would Have Asked NCUA Board Nominees

Last week two new NCUA board nominees, Todd Harper and Rodney Hood, were questioned on the direction of the credit union industry by the Senate Banking Committee in their confirmation hearing. Banking...

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NCUA’s Failures Drive PenFed’s Greed

PenFed is quickly turning into the poster child for credit union industry problems. The $24.5 billion credit union recently announced its acquisition of Progressive Credit Union, a New York-based cred...

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By Acquiring Progressive, PenFed Could Be Allowed to Serve Anyone

PenFed announced Wednesday that it has acquired Progressive Credit Union, a New York City-based credit union that has suffered heavy losses because of its taxi medallion loans. The NCUA approved th...

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While Other Nonprofits Struggle with Reporting Responsibilities…Credit Unions Get Off Scot-Free

The Treasury Department is trying to blunt the impact of an unpopular new tax on churches and other nonprofits. The agency released interim regulations today spelling out exactly how the tax...

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